A Core Banking Transformation program can require participation from various bank stakeholders like staff, management, its customers. It also requires setting up CBS infrastructure, multiple delivery channels and integration with third party systems.

To keep the time and cost under control in this transformation process, and to minimize the pains in the transformation, we along with customer follows established delivery process:

1) Plan the transformation, Blue Print Documentation

  • • Setting up Project Coordination Teams: Successful execution of such large transformation projects requires strong bank management and staff participation. The co-ordination committees requires very strong management, control with a continuous focus on value realization in this transformation process.
  • • Walk-thro to implementation committees for the X.100 selected modules by the bank. Identification of GAP for necessary customer specific, country specific customizations.
  • • Technical documentation on various delivery channels integration. Documentation on integration points with various delivery channels AND other Software solution components.
  • • Preparation of Test Cases for User Acceptance Testing during roll-out

2) Build, Test, Integrate

  • • Once the Blueprint Documentation is completed, the customization requirements are incorporated into X.100 which passes thorough testing procedures.
  • • The customized software is parameterized to configure pre-configured masters and look-up values for the implementation.
  • • Data migration scripts are developed. Upon loading of the data into X.100, the customer teams are involved to verification and validation for correctness of migrated data.

3) Rollout, Stabilize, Signoff, Support.

  • • User Acceptance testing (UAT) for the customized software is conducted with the Bank Nodal Teams as per the blue print document. Necessary suggestions from the Nodal teams are incorporated, the UAT Sign-off is completed and software is released for implementation as per agreed implementation plan across the bank branches.
  • • The User Training, System Administrator training is completed. The implementation consultants provide complete hand-holding to the users during this transformation process to X.100.
  • • Upon completion of implementation at the decided branch locations, the X.100 system is handed over to the bank team. The X.100 support team provides full support to the bank teams thro' various modes viz. Help Desk, Chat, Email, Telephonic, Remote Access etc.