Finance Houses

Finance Houses

The X.100 for Finance Houses have been designed to cover the entire working of a Company/Firm involved in Hire Purchase, leasing and related Business. The core issues like Recovery and Deposit Management have been thoroughly covered while the focus being on the management and control of business apart from maintaining Financial Accounts.

The Credit and Deposits functionality covers Vehicle Finance, Loan against Property, Loan against Gold, Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits and Reporting. The Recovery Management functionality covered includes Check Clearing (ECS) mandate, normal clearing functionality, PDC management, Default Notices, Asset Seizure, auction notices, asset repossessing etc.

Core functionality includes:

  • Deposit Administration
  • Credit Administration
  • Customer Care
  • Loans Origination, Credit Scoring, Credit Appraisal
  • Assets Repossessing (Notices, Asset Seizure, Auctions)
  • Legal (Cases/Suits) management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Any Branch Banking
  • SMS Banking